Are you wondering how and from where to get a repair specialist for your vehicle to help you change the flat tire? Do you need heavy duty towing Monterey Park in 24 hours itself to tow your CUV to another end of the city? Do not break your head in worry at all! Pick up the phone, call us at (323) 505-4318, and wait for our tow trucks to arrive and pick the vehicles from your doorstep for delivering! Who are we? We are Towing Monterey Park, a company that has been diligently working for towing service and offering emergency roadside help to vehicles in the beautiful city of Monterey Park.


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We are Towing Monterey Park, and we have got over thirty years of experience of towing all kinds of vehicles from one end of the city to the other. Likewise, we also offer long distance towing services, and we manage to cover most of the major cities on our dedicated routes that we cover weekly. Call us to know about our rates and routes.
We, from Towing Monterey Park, are known for being there for all your vehicle towing related issues. We shall make sure that you are going to get the best services of towing vehicles at affordable rates. We work with reputed auto dealers and have our set of corporate clients to serve too. But that just means that we are professional enough to offer you highly meticulous and hassle free service of towing of even personal-use vehicles.

We work keeping in mind the following code of ethics:
• Timeliness
• Punctuality
• Adhering to Customer service
• Serving at affordable rates for everyone
• Offering all our services through the year
Because of our commitment to these services, we have been around all these years, and our customers have also become very happy on receiving their services in time.

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Our superior quality of towing in Monterey Park:
More than we say that ourselves, we, from Towing Monterey Park, shall proudly state that the entire company works keeping in mind the service to the customers. We, from Towing Monterey Park, have a reputation to keep and a legacy to leave behind for the future. Our clients do not think of any other company after they have an experience with ours. This just has to be due to the supreme care that our staff with an offer to all the people who walk into our office. So, right from the customer care executive to the tow truck operator to the dispatch van technician, everyone works in tandem with as much precision that saves a lot of time too.

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Want to hire us? Know about us here:
Just walk into our office and have a look at the list of routes we take every week. We offer motorcycle towing Monterey Park, and this means that whether it is a single motorcycle that you wish to deliver to some family member in other city or whether it is to be delivered to your new customer, just let us know. We offer door-to-door service, and that means that we will pick the vehicles from your door and have them delivered to another destination wherever you wish. In case, you do not find the destination falling in our weekly route, just consult with our help desk executive for some alternative solution.

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If you want us to give you the rate, then you would have to mention the details of the model, make and the year of manufacture of the vehicle. We, from Towing Monterey Park, would also need to know the pick- up and drop points to calculate the distance to be covered; and then give you the full summary of the rates. We shall also offer insurance billing if you so need that. Do make the payment and in case you have customized or enlarged the vehicles then do mention that. If you have poor road condition to your pick up or drop points, do mention that. You would hardly have any waiting time post hiring us for the Monterey Park Towing service too.
Our fast and efficient towing service:
We, from Towing Monterey Park, shall be able to come to your house for picking up the vehicle. In case you wish to drive the vehicle yourself to our terminal then you are free to do that. Once the driver reaches, your place for picking the vehicle up, he would firstly check the entire vehicle and give you a report on the condition of the vehicle and the scratches or dents that are already there. On locking the vehicle, the tow truck driver starts off on the journey to deliver your vehicle.


Roadside Emergency – Another specialty:
We, from Towing Monterey Park, are known for being alert and at your service 24 hours a day to help you from all kinds of roadside emergencies.

We shall offer:
• Tire change Monterey Park
• Jump start Monterey Park
• Accident recovery
• Gas refill of up to three gallons
• Lockout rescue
Apart from these, we also offer to winch out service in Monterey Park and other services that could be given at any time of the day. We shall provide the roadside assistance Monterey Park citizens need the most in fifteen minutes response time. Our work will be the fastest too since our technicians are very quick in servicing or repairing the vehicles on the road.